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■To customers who wish to deliver at hotel front desk
Please pay by bank transfer (prepayment).
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Very Popular KARAAGE(Deep Fried Chicken)Bento.
it's recommended.


Chicken, Flour, Potato Starch, Soy souce,Girlic, Ginger, Rice, Vegitable, Egg


chicken eggs wheat

Delivery Method

Chilled Shipping


■To customers who wish to deliver at hotel front desk
Please pay by bank transfer (prepayment).
Cash on delivery is having trouble with the front desk.

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  • ASAKUSA NARITAYA Japanese / HALAL Certified / Vegetarian / No Pork, No, Alcohol

Naritaya is among the very few rare ramen shops that serves 100% HALAL 'Traditional Old Style Ramen' in Japan.

Our shop is located in Asakusa, the birthplace town of Traditional Ramen in Tokyo. Once upon a time Asakusa was filled with many Traditional Ramen Shops. Great 'ramen battles' occured between shops in the effort to win customers. The result of the massive competitions produced great Ramen recipes that are both delicious and filling for the hardworking peoples of Tokyo.

Sadly nowadays the long history of Traditional Ramen is getting forgotten. Most existing Ramen shop serves ramen that are made with artificial flavouring and ingredients which is much cheaper and more profitable.

Naritaya main goal is to preserve the original Japanese Traditional Ramen taste which use only real natural ingredients such as fish, mushroom, seaweed and chicken as the base flavour.

We do not compromise on quality and taste. We make our own noodle using high quality organic Japanese flour with NO PRESERVATIVE added and NO EXPENSES spared. And we make our soup base using high quality Japanese fish, just like how it was originally made many-many years ago.

Our noodle doesn't last as long as other mass marketed noodles and is more expensive to make but they are much more nutritious and tastier.

Naritaya aim to welcome more foreigners especially Muslims to taste the Traditional Japanese Ramen taste just like it was many years ago. We serve only 100% HALAL food and drinks (no alcohol served) and we even provide praying facilities (surau/musolla) for Muslim. We are among the very few if not the only Ramen shop that serve 100% HALAL food and drinks.

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HALAL CertifiedVegetarianNo Pork, No, Alcohol

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