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Taste & Discover Japan in the center of the halal food for Muslim (Muslim), organic, vegetarian, vegan, and macrobiotic, is an online order platform for delivering to our customers a healthy dishes.

Just not only provides delicious cuisine, and deliver the experience of great food valuable to our customers, we have to help to deliver the peace of mind and health to our customers through the food.

We TDJ even including those of Japan, to people all over the world come to Japan, looking for a restaurant partner that can deliver both the taste and the peace of mind.

Health is more important than wealth.

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Taste & Discover Japan is simply the easiest way to order Halal, Vegitarian, Organic food for delivery.

Put your restaurant online. By joining the TDJ restaurant network, you’ll give lots of potential customers the ability to order delivery from your restaurant, online or on a mobile phone.