Halal Bento Boxes List

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Kappou Yama (HALAL certified)



Kappou Yama offers Japanese traditional meals that have acquired Halal certificates only. Yama’s Bento boxes can be delivered nationwide.(Chilled shipping by vacuum packing). Kappou Yama uses ingredients and kitchenware which meet the strict halal standards of Malaysia.


・New kitchen (Never bring pork and alcohol)


・New cookwares


・New Fryer (Only use salad oil)


Also Kappou Yama can cater for parties that Muslims attend. And you can enjoy premium strawberry shortcake, fruits jams that all of the ingredients are Japanese and Halal.


Kappou Yama's menu



Sushi Umemori (HALAL certified)



"Umemori sushi" in the ancient capital Nara , will deliver delicious Halal sushi using genuine  ingredients and the finest Shari. (Japanese plum vinegared rice)
Please enjoy the Temari sushi that has been adopted in-flight meal of Japan Airlines first class.


New kitchen (Never bring pork and alcohol)


・New cookwares


Sushi Umemori's menu