Kanazawa is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan. Thanks to the new Hokuriku shinkansen, it will be easier to get there.



Kanazawa's array of cultural attractions makes it the drawcard of the Hokuriku region.

A new addition will join the line-up of world-renowned Shinkansen. The Hokuriku Shinkansen  that connects Tokyo, Toyama and Kanazawa has been opened on March 14, 2015.


Kenroku-en, Six Attributes Garden, in Kanazawa, Japan, is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan (along with Kairaku-en and Koraku-en). It is open year-round during daylight hours and famous for its beauty in all seasons. You must visit Kenrokuen when you are in Kanazawa. Whenever you visit, you can feel the comfort of the Japanese beautiful four seasons.



Kenroku-en (maple-viewing in Autumn)


Higashichaya Old Town (Higashi-chaya-gai) is worth the visit. This is one of the main tourist attraction in Kanazawa. Higashichaya-machi is an enclave of narrow streets established early in the 19th century for geisha to entertain wealthy patrons. The slatted wooden facades of the geisha houses are romantically preserved.


Higashichaya Old Town (Higashi-chaya-gai
Omicho Market is a fun place to visit mostly fish however some veggies and other items. Had some really fresh local seafood for good prices. I recommend eating tour there because many shops offer you various fresh foods on the spot.  Most of the seafoods are Halal, so Muslim visitors can enjoy to the full there.  The nearest bus stop is Musashi-ga-tsuji.
 Omicho Market